Christina Hendricks by Frank Ockenfels/AMC Christina Hendricks by Frank Ockenfels/AMC
Mad Men viewers know Christina Hendricks best as sexy and sassy office manager Joan, but the few of you who stuck with NBC's

Life last season also know her as Olivia, the fiancée of Charlie's estranged father. Well, Life fans, I've learned that Olivia will be back in Season 2. While chatting with me about Sunday's episode of Mad Men, Hendricks said she would be shooting an episode for Life's sophomore season next week. "I don't know [what I'll be doing] - they haven't even sent me the script - but I will be continuing the character I was playing last year for an episode and hopefully another one after that." For those who can't wait until fall, Hendricks has an extra juicy storyline in Sunday's Mad Men ( read more about it in the full interview). Are you excited to see Hendricks bring Olivia back to Life? - Adam Bryant Related: " Christina Hendricks Shares Mad Men Office Gossip