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Mad Men's Season 5 premiere featured one scene everybody's talking about.

Mad Men creator on Season 5 premiere: Megan has power over Don

During a surprise 40th birthday party for Don (Jon Hamm

), his new bride Megan (Jessica Pare) treated him to a sultry rendition of "Zou Bisou Bisou." A digital download of Pare's version of the song, which was originally recorded by British actress and pop star Gillian Hills, is now available on iTunes and a limited edition vinyl is available on help us get the catchy tune out of our heads, we asked the cast to tell us what songs they might break into after a few too many Old Fashioneds.
Jon Hamm (Don Draper)
: "I don't know. I am much like Don in the sense [that] I don't really want to get on a table and do anything like that. I don't need to be the center of attention. And I can't sing anymore. My voice is so shot.

Mad Men Season 5: It's every man for himself

Jared Harris (Lane Pryce): "I wouldn't do the little dance moves, but I love karaoke. In fact, [recently] I was down at Fontana's doing live-band punk rock heavy metal karaoke. It was St. Patrick's Day, so I did 'Whiskey in the Jar.' My go-to would be 'Delilah' or 'Thunder Road' or 'Life on Mars' or 'Fat-Bottom Girls.'

John Slattery (Roger Sterling): "Oh my God, the couple of times I've done karaoke I've woken up wincing, thinking, "Did I really do that? What song did I do?" Maybe something by The Clash, I think. Maybe a country song. What would be easiest to do, Roy Orbison?"

Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell):  "I don't really do karaoke, but when I do, it's always Harry Belafonte. I can do any of [his songs]. I can't do them a quarter as well as the vocals of that man, of course. But any of his Caribbean songs I think you can get away with wailing a little bit and people enjoy the background music enough to allow you to survive."

January Jones (Betty Francis): "I'd try 'Zou Bisou Bisou.' I thought it was fantastic. But no, you'll never see that from me. I cannot sing or dance, not even in a cute, funny way."

Matthew Weiner (creator/executive producer): "'I Touch Myself' by The Divinyls. There would be a lot of drinks, but that's my karaoke choice, always."