Jessica Pare and Jon Hamm Jessica Pare and Jon Hamm

The Drapers are heading to Hawaii! Jon Hamm and Jessica Paré were recently spotted filming Mad Men on the idyllic islands.

Mad Men boss: Don Isn't Necessarily Going to Cheat on Megan

Hamm and Paré, who play Don and Megan Draper, shed their typical conservative wear to show off their smokin' hot beach bods while shooting the Season 6 premiere of the AMC drama. But Don's super-short shorts may not be the biggest surprise. After all, last season ended with a contemplative Don presumably considering his future with Megan after he helped her land a role in a commercial.Although many viewers speculated that Don would cheat on Megan, creator Matthew Weiner

suggested otherwise at the time. "I think it's a fleeting glimpse," Weiner said. "I definitely think when you hear that question, 'Are you alone?' it's not just, 'Are you going to start cheating on this woman?' We've seen how faithful he's been."

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So why are Don and Megan in Hawaii? As is typical, details about the new season are in short supply. (Though it appears Don doesn't forego smoking, drinking or heavy reading — Dante's Inferno! — even on the beach.) Is Don doing research for a new tanning-lotion client? Maybe Megan's career is taking off and she's guest-starring on the (original) Hawaii Five-O? Share your theories below!Are you surprised to see Don and Megan together?