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What's the Trailer for Mad Men's Final Season Trying to Tell Us?

Are we in the 1970s?

Liz Raftery

It's finally here! On Thursday, AMC released the first teaser trailer for the final episodes of Mad Men's seventh season. And, per usual, it doesn't tell us much. But here's what we think we know:

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1. We're (probably) in the '70s! This is obvious from the fashions, particularly Megan's belly chain (!!!!), and also the fact that the trailer is set to Diana Ross' "Love Hangover," which was recorded in 1975 and released in 1976. With the first half of Season 7 concluding in July 1969, does this mean we have a time jump on our hands?

2. Peggy is still like, "Bye, Pete." And who can blame her? Just look at that smarmy smirk (not to mention his dreadful haircut).


3. Sally is more wistful than ever. Has Sally accidentally found herself in a production of Cinderella? Good lord, that dress. But she's definitely inherited her mother's ability to stare, dead-eyed, into space. On a related note, when will AMC greenlight the spin-off "Sally Draper's Misadventures at Miss Porter's"?


4. It can't be stressed enough: Megan is wearing a belly chain. It's pretty clear what Don thinks of it.


5. Joan continues to be the only one who can exert any kind of control over the ad guys. Poor Joan.


6. Roger = still a silver fox, despite his many, many transgressions. If there's a cure for this, we don't want it. But what's he grinning about?


Mad Men returns on Sunday, April 5. Watch the full trailer below: