<i>Mad Men</i> Mad Men

The Season 4 premiere of Mad Men is still a month away, but at least the show's brand-new promo poster gives us a bit to obsess over while we wait.

The image features Don Draper (Jon Hamm), cigarette in hand, of course, staring out the window of an office that appears to be empty, save for a telephone. Last year's poster, which featured Don's office flooded with water, brilliantly foreshadowed what we later saw in Season 3: Don deep in work drama and the sea of lies he created at home.

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So what does this year's effort possibly reveal about Don's plight this season? Here are a few of our best guesses.1.

The poster is stark and fresh — no doubt reflecting the ad man's clean slate now that he's let Betty move forward with the divorce and created his own agency, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.2. The windows are wide open, leaving Don completely exposed. After finally revealing to Betty last season his true identity as Dick Whitman, perhaps the new Don Draper has nothing left to hide — from anyone.3. If we're to believe that this is Don's new office, we suppose it's safe to assume the SCDP gang outgrew that hotel room pretty quickly.

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4. Then again, the sole phone on the floor seems to represent the guerilla operation this new firm will be. (Oh, how we wish Don had taken his latest secretary, Allison, with him.)5. The phone may represent a lifeline for Don. But will that be a new lady? Or perhaps just his work?Season 4 of Mad Men premieres July 25 at 10/9c.What do you make of the poster?