Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is stepping back into his showrunner shoes with a new series at Amazon, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The untitled show is a contemporary, 8-episode anthology series reportedly taking place in several locations around the globe. It's co-produced by The Weinstein Company and scored a $70 million dollar commitment from the streaming network after a competitive bidding war with five other outlets. Weiner will write and executive produce the project and direct half the episodes.

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Weiner's move to Amazon is surprising considering previous reservations about the binge-watching model. "I would try to convince them to let me roll them out so at least there was just some shared experience. I love the waiting; I love the marination," he told THR about his next steps after Mad Men was finished.

The show will be Weiner's first new series since the final season of Mad Men wrapped in early 2015. He's spent the past year and a half developing projects and directing, including an episode of Netflix's Orange Is the New Black.