As network executives continue to look through their old VHS tapes when deciding what shows to greenlight, reboots of classic shows are becoming the norm. Turning old comedy into new comedy is especially hot, with the ratings success of NBC's Will & Grace and ABC's Roseanne only giving networks more reason to dust off old actors and film them again.

The latest comedy that your parents watched that you will watch new promos of too is Mad About You, a couples comedy that starred Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt as a married pair that had funny things happen to them 22 minutes every week. Reiser and Hunt have both signed deals to appear in a revival of the series for Sony Pictures Television (as has co-creator Danny Jacobson), according to Entertainment Weekly, all but sealing the deal that it will actually happen. Talks of a revival first percolated in late 2017.

The next step will be finding a network. The original run of Mad About You aired from 1992 to 1999 on NBC, so you'd figure that NBC would have pole position on scooping it up (and perfectly pairing it with the already ordered Season 2 of Will & Grace). But EW doesn't mention NBC in its piece, meaning another network (or streaming service) could grab it.

Mad About You Might Be the Next TV Revival

Of course, as any Mad About You fanatic will tell you, the series "ended" with a time jump into the future, spilling the beans on what happened to Paul (Reiser) and Jamie (Hunt). But as Roseanne and Will & Grace have already shown, all it takes is a little White-Out and a short memory to set things up for a revival.

Are you into a Mad About You remake or do you just wish it would stay a Belinda Carlisle song?

Helen Hunt, Paul Reiser; Mad About YouHelen Hunt, Paul Reiser; Mad About You