The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which has functioned pretty much as is for more than 90 years, jumped feet first into the 21st century Thursday, not by letting everyone stay home from the cold and just beaming balloons across VR screens but by showing a same-sex kiss and then becoming part of a good old fashioned Twitter war.

It all started when Isabelle McCalla and Caitlin Kinnumen, two actresses from the Broadway musical The Prom kissed near the end of their performance, which happens at about the 3:15 mark in the video below.

Pretty non-eventful, right? But because it's 2018 and because some people can't stand the sight of other people being happy while harming absolutely no one, some group of killjoys named For America went all Helen Lovejoy on Twitter, saying small kids' innocence was broken because they saw two girls kiss on TV.

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For America claimed the smooch between two adults portraying two totally normal high school teenagers "blindsided" parents and pushed an "agenda," and they weren't the only ones. Other conservatives chimed in, saying that the kiss — still a far cry from what many teens actually do on prom night, it should be noted — was trying to promote lesbianism and anti-family values or whatever.

But many more people clapped back, pointing out that not all families look the same, and that not all teenagers are heterosexual, and that For America's position was just discriminatory homophobic nonsense. Among the people who weren't having it was Alyssa Milano, who provided all the context and dropped all the mics when she retorted that her kids' innocence was already broken because they had to do active shooter drills in school.

Welp! That settles that. And hey, let's face it any kids watching were probably preoccupied with their phones anyway.

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