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Macy's has finally responded to a petition seeking the company to fire Donald Trump after it was reported that he makes a birther joke in an upcoming Christmas ad for the department store:  They will not "Dump Trump."

"Macy's marketing and merchandise offerings are not representative of any political position," the company said in a statement obtained by US Weekly. "Many of the individuals associated with products sold at Macy's — or at any retailer, for that matter — express personal opinions that are not related to the merchandise we sell or to the philosophies of our company."

Birther joke in Macy's ad sparks petition to have Donald Trump fired started the online petition asking Macy's to "Dump Trump" as a spokesperson. According to The New York Times, Trump reportedly asks Edmund Gwenn, who played Kris Kringle in Miracle on 34th Street, whether he is really Santa Claus and tugs on his beard. The joke comes after several years of Trump publicly raising questions about whether President Barack Obama is really an American citizen and demanding to see his birth certificate.

The petition, which had more than 585,000 signatures as of late Wednesday, called Trump's behavior "especially unpleasant, nasty and despicable."

Trump, who sells fragrances and ties in Macy's stores, has appeared alongside side such celebrities as P. Diddy and Martha Stewart in Macy's ads for the past several years.

Do you think Macy's is doing the right thing by standing by Trump? Or should they fire him?