Richard Dean Anderson, MacGyver Richard Dean Anderson, MacGyver

Readers, we bring you grim tidings.

Mere moments after we published the news that '80s movie series Lethal Weapon was getting rebooted, we received the news by way of the Hollywood Reporter that the reboot monster has claimed another victim: MacGyver.

Yes. The '80s series about a man who could find his way out of any situation with a paperclip, a used battery, and a broken shoe — and spawned the use of the phrase "to MacGyver" as a verb for "to find a ridiculous way to fix something" — is coming back to television.

A Lethal Weapon TV reboot is happening whether you like it or not

Who even wanted this? Which television executive woke up one morning and thought, "I bet there's still at least one 30-year-old show some people still kinda remember and sorta liked back in the day that we could mine for nostalgia-based ratings,"?

Evidently, one of the ones at CBS. The show will follow a young Angus MacGyver as he, you know, gets out of jams and prevents international disasters with bits of lint and a can-do attitude. Henry Winkler will executive-produce, which is notable because A) The Fonz! and B) He was the executive producer of the original series.

Will the series earn your nostalgia-fueled viewership?

(Disclaimer: is also owned by CBS. So if that executive is reading this, hello, and please don't fire us!)