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MacGyver: It's Jack's Turn for an Old Love to Haunt Him

Angus has troubles letting Nikki go, too

Tim Surette

If there's one thing we've learned from the first two episodes of MacGyver, it's that these guys have bad luck with love. Well, everyone except for Wilt (Justin Hires), who is 10 percent of the way to getting Riley's (Tristin Mays) phone number. Way to go, Wilt! Maybe you'll actually get them digits if CBS orders a full season of MacGyver.

In "Metal Saw," the love troubled was tough guy Jack Dalton (George Eads), whose ex and former coworker Sarah Adler (Amy Acker) was kidnapped in Venezuela by an arms dealer named Barrios. But Sarah wasn't in a damsel in distress who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, she was gathering intel on Barrios that could put him away for good, and, well, when you do that to fearsome arms dealers, they tend to lock you up in their dingy dungeons.

The rescue operation was a fairly simple smash and grab, with each team member playing their part in extracting Sarah. MacGyver (Lucas Till) MacGyver'd an arc welder using a car battery to cut down a steel door and fashioned night-vision goggles out of a TV remote, a microscope and some glasses, Riley cut the power to Barrios' hideout to give MacGyver the advantage and Jack made some jokes ("Anyone call for an Uber?") and probably shot someone.

George Eads, MacGyver

George Eads, MacGyver

Jace Downs/CBS

Reunited, Jack and Sarah made goo-goo eyes at each other, very clearly showing that the flame still burns bright, and let's face it, if Amy Acker looked at you like that you would be putty too. But Sarah is also a bird who can't be caged, which is one of the reasons Jack loved her in the first place. Her new bright idea? To stay in Venezuela and deal with Barrios for the last time so he doesn't flee again. Naturally, the rest of the team was on board despite it going against protocol.

Holed up in a maximum security evil arms dealer's lair, Barrios was a tough get, but luckily, he kept large piles of ammunition boxes just lying around outside, because he's an evil arms dealer and that's what they do when they can't find a place to put all their ammo, I guess. And this is when MacGyver pulled out one of the most ridiculous MacGyverisms: He knocked off a bunch of side view mirrors from abandoned cars conveniently parked in the middle of the jungle and focused them all to reflect the sunlight into a concentrated beam that burned through the wooden boxes and then set the ammo off!

In the distraction, Barrios took off on a motorbike and the chase was on! And it was over quick. One thing MacGyver did in this episode is really stress the D.I.Y. aspect of the show, which I get, but MacGyver stringing some wrenches onto a net and throwing the contraption at a speeding motorcycle to make it stop isn't really something you or I wouldn't have thought of, is it? As were the gasoline bombs in empty two-liter soda bottles that were featured in the cold open. But hey, when MacGyver does it, it's amazing!

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Anyway, the team caught Barrios and saved the day. This may be a recurring thing for the Phoenix Foundation.

With the action out of the way, it was time to tend to matters of the heart. Back at HQ, Jack contemplated giving his relationship with Sarah another shot, but fate is cruel and Sarah's fiancé showed up to thank Jack for rescuing her. Her fiancé! Sarah claims she tried to tell Jack, but it was hard to with all the bullets whizzing by, I guess. Jack clearly wanted to go after and say something, but he couldn't. Poor Jack, that stings!

Our other heartbroken wasn't ready to let go of his ex, either. MacGyver spent several scenes sitting on the floor of Nikki's (Tracy Spiridakos) apartment (after he broke in, of course) trying to find clues as to her whereabouts and what led her to betray his trust and strike out on her own. Though cops cleaned out all the good stuff, they missed one secret: a hollowed-out electrical socket which contained a bunch of Nikki's fake identifications with the name Alice Hunter. I get the feeling that MacGyver will never be able to let this go.

MacGyver airs Friday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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