If Macaulay Culkin struggled so mightily to transition from child star to well-adjusted adult, it stands to reason that Kevin McCallister, the character he played in the Home Alone movies, would have a similarly hard time. After all, Kevin McCallister had a really hard childhood. His parents forgot him and he single-handedly had to fight off home invaders - twice! That's the kind of trauma that sticks, and could cause a person to grow up into a stringy-haired, psychotic Über driver who doesn't actually know how to drive.

Macaulay Culkin, Bob Saget and Seth Green Take Most '90s Selfie Ever

DRYVRS is a new web series by actor and musician Jack Dishel (aka Regina Spektor's husband), who enlisted Culkin to play a version of himself playing a version of his most famous character in the first episode. It's somewhere between hilarious and deeply disturbing.

Check it out: