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M3GAN is Now Available to Stream at Home

Move over, Chucky, there's a new creepy toy in town

Jess Barnes

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Everyone's new favorite toy is still creeping out audiences in theaters, but you can now "meet your new best friend" at home by buying a digital copy of M3GAN on Amazon Prime Video or streaming with a Peacock subscription. 

M3GAN is the story of a girl and her toy - a life-like doll powered by AI and programmed to be a child's companion and a parent's ally. M3GAN is created by Gemma, a designer at a toy company, who programs the doll to bond with a child, teach, play, and protect. A stressed Gemma faces pressure at work to complete a prototype of the doll, leading to an unfinished product which she introduces to her orphaned niece, Cady, who is now in her care. 


Universal Pictures

From James Wan, the producer of Annabelle, and Blumhouse, producer of The Black Phone, M3GAN hit theaters on January 6. The film stars Allison Willams and Violet McGraw

Want to watch the film without going to the theater? Stream M3GAN in 4K Ultra HD at home. It's available to buy for $19.99 on Prime Video, or you can watch with a Peacock subscription, starting at $4.99/mo.