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The Lying Game's Alec Ryback is looking increasingly suspicious, but will his shady behavior cause his daughter Mads to turn against him?

"She doesn't trust her dad [but] she really does want her family to get along," Alice Greczyn, who plays Mads, tells "She's playing the ostrich role, burying her head in the sand [because] she doesn't have enough [yet!] proof to make waves otherwise."

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When the ABC Family series left off, Sutton Mercer (Alexandra Chando) returned home from searching out her and twin Emma's birth mom but was soon attacked and then suddenly went missing. Who could be behind her disappearance? Well, Alec (Adrian Pasdar) is one of the few people aware that the twins even exist and also paid a lot of money to keep Sutton and Emma's real mother, Annie Hobbs, quiet. And to complicate matters further, another woman named Annie, also from Alec and Ted Mercer's past, returns on the very same night that Sutton went missing. Is there a connection? That remains to be seen.

"Charisma Carpenter's character comes on as Annie but then it's quickly established that she now goes by Rebecca — It's meant to be confusing." Greczyn says. "She becomes a love interest for Alec." 

And while Alec gets closer to Rebecca, so does Mads, who goes to her for advice about her own new love interest. "When they introduce Ryan [Misha Crosby], she expresses to Rebecca that she's a little bit hesitant to fall in love again because she's still guarded from Eduardo," Greczyn says. "She eventually does take a risk because he's awfully charming." And luckily for Mads, this time around her stern district attorney father is somewhat open to the relationship. Greczyn adds, "There was a scene with me and Adrian that they cut, but where he's supportive of her dating Ryan. He comes off as such a villain, but I do think Alec loves Mads."

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Although Mads is busy with Ryan and supporting her best friend Char (Kirsten Prout), who also happens to be the niece of Rebecca (we know it's confusing!), eventually Mads will start to suspect that something's up with Alec, thanks to her brother Thayer (Christian Alexander), whose arguments against their father are pretty convincing. "After a certain point, Mads can't hide from the increasing evidence against their dad," Grezcyn says. "She and Thayer [become] allies."

What secrets do you think Alec is hiding?

Watch Rebecca's awkward introduction scene, including the reasons behind changing her name, below:

The Lying Game returns on Monday at 9/8c on ABC Family.