Luke Russert by Paul Morigi/ Luke Russert by Paul Morigi/

Newbie NBC News reporter Luke Russert took to the blogosphere Wednesday afternoon to right what he called a "dumb" misstatement he made regarding Barack Obama and students at the University of Virginia on the Today show.

According to The Associated Press, Russert, son of late Meet the Press host Tim Russert, reported on campaign activity at UVA, then followed his report with a live conversation with Matt Lauer. In that conversation, Russert said, "The smartest kids in the state go there so it is leaning a little bit toward Obama."

Russert took abuse on the Web for his doubly insulting statement, which could either imply that the students at other Virginia schools aren't as smart or that only less intelligent people would not support Obama. Tim Graham of the conservative Media Research Center said Russert was an "untrained reporter" who represents the "unspoken beliefs of the liberal media" on the NewsBusters blog.

Russert responded via his own blog to say that he misspoke and "made what is without a doubt, quite simply a dumb comment." He went on to acknowledge that he knows "plenty of smart college kids will vote for John McCain" and that "plenty of smart kids go to Virginia Tech or George Mason and they, too, could end up being big Obama voters."

Ultimately he chalked the whole thing up as a lesson "in the perils of live television." "Lesson learned," he said. What do you think of Russert's flub? Does his apology make things right? - Adam Bryant