Marvel and Netflix's superhero show Luke Cage reportedly broke the internet when it launched back in September. And now, the studio (and network) are getting ready to break the internet again. As just announced with a short teaser video on Twitter, Luke Cage is returning to Harlem for a second season of fighting crime.

The video is right in line with most of Marvel/Netflix's teasers and announcements: a short animation, some news, and that's it. In this case, it's a slow push-in on Pop's Barber Shop, a key location in the first season, as well as the reveal of a neon sign that says "Season 2 Coming Soon."

That's it.

What's most interesting to fans about the teaser is that the finale left Pop's Barber Shop destroyed (again), with the cast wondering what they could do with the location. Could Luke (Mike Colter) return to Harlem — after being taken back to jail in the finale — in order to bring new life to his mentor's shop? Or is it just a case of finding something simple to sell the idea of Season 2?

Whatever happens, most likely we won't find out what'll happen with Cage and company until after the launch of the superhero mash-up Marvel's The Defenders, which teams Cage with fellow NYC based heroes Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Iron Fist (Finn Jones), and Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), as well as basically every other character who has ever appeared in a Marvel/Netflix series.

Time to grab a cup of coffee and find out what's next...