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Mike Colter Takes Us Inside Luke Cage's Iron Man Moment

But it was still awesome!

Megan Vick

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Episode 4 of Marvel's Luke Cage. Read at your own risk!]

Every superhero story has the moment where its lead character must stop running from their powers and accept the mantle of responsibility that has been thrust upon them. For Luke Cage (Mike Colter), that moment comes in the fourth episode, "Step in the Arena," of the new Netflix series that dropped on Friday.

After Cottonmouth (Mahershala Ali) resorts to using a bazooka to try and take Luke out, the titular hero has a few hours beneath the rubble of the restaurant he was eating in before the attack to think about his origin story and what kind of man he really wants to be. When he safely makes it out of the heaping pile of concrete and gets his landlord (who was also trapped with him) to safety, Luke turns to a group of waiting reporters and officially announces, "I'm Luke Cage." Boom, mic drop, roll the credits.

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"Pop kept telling him, 'You have to face the music. You have to stop running and be a man.' I think [Luke] just got that urge, as he did in the second episode, to push himself into action," Colter tells TVGuide.com. "This is a moment where he faces the music. I'm not sure he knows what it means, but it was a moment."

The sequence plays out more like Tony Stark's (Robert Downey Jr.) press conference at the end of Iron Man than it follows the patterns of Luke's Netflix counterparts. Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) likes to keep her super-strength a close secret, while Daredevil (Charlie Cox) prefers to fight crime in a mask and use an alias. However, Luke isn't as ready to embrace the attention that comes after the confession in the way that Tony Stark did.

"Ultimately, it's one of those things that makes it that much harder to be. I don't think he thought this out. If he had thought this through, I think he would have found a mask. He's just on his own," Colter continues. "The hoodie was his thing. He wanted to keep himself kind of hidden. He did that, but then at some point he realized the hoodie isn't going to keep [him] hidden forever. Now, he's out in the open."

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The reveal is the first major turning point of the series, which only continues to ramp up the action and tension through its 13 episodes.

"Basically, the way we did it was, every single episode is representative of the act. Episode 1 is Act I, episode 2 is Act II, episode 3 is Act III, and the fourth episode is always a twist," executive producer Cheo Hodari Coker explains. "The fourth episode feels like a culmination and then five, six and seven go another direction. Then eight is another twist. Then you've got nine, 10, 11 and you've got 12 and then the finale is really like, 'Wow.'"

Are you ready for it?

Marvel's Luke Cage is streaming now on Netflix. Check back soon for more of TVGuide.com's Luke Cage coverage.