Difficult People has gained another gifted actor in advance of its next season, with Lucy Liu officially cast in a recurring role on the small-screen comedy.

Liu will play a book editor named Veronica, a "morally corrupt, taste-challenged, highly successful alpha female." Her character will appear in multiple episodes of the series, which has been a breakout hit for Hulu as the service aims to produce more original content. Difficult People centers on the lives of two misanthropic thirty-somethings, Julie (Julie Klausner) and Billy (Billy Eichner), who are trying to make it as comedians in New York City. The show returns for a third season later this summer.

The cast also includes Andrea Martin as Marilyn, Julie's mother, and John Cho, who signed on in March to play Billy's first serious boyfriend.

Liu, meanwhile, may also remain attached to Elementary, where she plays Jean Watson to Johnny Lee Miller's Sherlock Holmes. Elementary has not yet received word from CBS on whether it will return for a sixth season.

Difficult People will return August 8 on Hulu.