They. Are. So. Lucky. Honestly, heads were gonna roll if the finale faded out with Vince ditching "Aquaman." Ugh. It was bad enough that Eric was circling Ari's old job at the agency. To have our "It" boy quit a James Cameron movie and fire his best bud would have been too much, you know? Especially since we had to put up with him being all "I get to be a tool because Mandy Moore dumped me" for most of the episode. Thankfully, the proven wuss of "Queens Boulevard" backed out of backing out, so the movie's on, E's still on board and Ari is slowly on track to rebuilding the career he torched last week. Now if only he could sign someone other than The West Wing's chronically morose Richard Schiff and a brat who thinks of bailing on a project every time a girl gets in the way. Because if Vince doesn't grow up while shooting his comic-book breakthrough role, I may have to ask the HBO gods to refocus the show on Turtle's turning Saigon into a star instead of that whiner with the good hair and bad attitude. And for more Shawna, since Debi Mazar pretty much rocks. We'll see. It's a long time between now and next season. If Jeremy Piven can score that Emmy he so deserves on Sept. 18th, anything can happen, right?