The Devil (Tom Ellis) is about to make his triumphant return to TV. Lucifer returns Monday, Oct. 2 at 8/7c on Fox.

The third season of the celestial drama picks up right where the season finale left off: with Lucifer stranded in the desert after being kidnapped and having his wings restored. This life-changing event launches Lucifer down a new path as he attempts to track down the mysterious foe behind the kidnapping, the Sinnerman.

Lucifer's season premiere will also introduce Lieut. Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling), Chloe's (Lauren German) new boss who proves to be a formidable romantic rival for Lucifer when it comes to winning over the detective's heart.

Lucifer's third season will air in a new timeslot — at 8 p.m. ET as opposed to 9 p.m. ET — and lead into Fox's new Marvel series The Gifted, which stars Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker as parents who discover their two children are mutants.