First off, since all you loyal readers were so helpful last week in trying to figure out what Walt said  either "Don't push the button, the button is bad" or "Push the button, no button is bad"  by listening to it played backward, this week's quest is to try to figure out the name of the company that is on all the logos in the supply room, on Desmond's shirt and, weirdly enough, on that shark. Hmm... something's fishy there. And if anyone has a clue as to what the 237, 236 then 108,000 countdown clock means, I'd also be interested in hearing thoughts on that. Or on what would happen if the numbers weren't entered in time? Oh, and are Apollo candy bars real, or is that another in-joke? Anyway, these were the most coherent questions I had after I finally calmed my heart palpitations and got the Mama Cass song out of my head again. With Sawyer's mid-ocean self-surgery, Michael's near-drowning experience, Sawyer's shark-bait swim with a predator, and finally Jin's terrified scream about "the Others," breathing has become optional during this show.  And the only time I was able to stop my heart from racing, the well-crafted tale turned around and broke my heart. With Michael's intense screaming for the son he already lost once, the flashback when he said goodbye to the tinier Walt  and gave him a polar bear  that can't be a coincidence  and watched him walk away, and then his desperate sunrise sobbing.... Sniff, sniff. His determination to get his kid back is so moving. Especially when juxtaposed with his "It's only a shark? That's supposed to make me feel better?" ranting, which was perfectly executed. Oh, that just brings up more questions, like what does that "execute" button do, and will we ever find out? Do we think those "natives" are restless, or just misunderstood? And just who is the "him" that Desmond was looking for?