Loving Rescue Me's Diane Farr as the new behavioral scientist. What a great addition to this male-dominated show. And an extra bonus is that she's not quirky like Sabrina Lloyd; instead, she's smart and seems to work well with Charlie by adding a personality to his equations. She may not get every mathematical word that he says, but she's a good sounding board for his theories. I'm not quite loving Colby, the new FBI agent, though. He's too aggressive and too much the stereotypical rookie cop. Hopefully he'll mellow out a bit if he sticks around. Characters like that are the reason I stop watching these shows, and here I'm more interested in the unusual ways they solve these "ripped from the headlines" crimes than in the standard criminal procedures. How else would they have managed to uncover those two completely unrelated suspects in those great big stacks of people who might want to get back at the judge? And on a random funny note, I love listening to David Krumholtz rattle off these quantum theories and such (not to mention that he's completely adorable when reciting said facts), because when we recently talked to him in our podcast he admitted that he was about as far from a math nerd as you can imagine. In fact, he barely passed algebra, but if you want to hear more, click here. It might keep you amused until the next week's episode.