I loved Dancing with the Stars, watched every episode, voted and had a great time. I was kind of against this rematch to begin with because it seemed like just a ratings ploy. An announcement that they'd be giving some money to charity made me a little more hopeful. But then the show went and annoyed me from the get-go as it threw my TiVo for a loop by starting at 8:30 and running until 10:01. (Hello, Biggest Loser. I'm sorry; I'll try to catch you later.) And by the time I got to watch it at 10:01, after watching the Big Brother finale, I'd pretty much already missed any voting opportunity, as they  allowed you only 15 minutes after the show. So I was a bit disgruntled, but John O'Hurley and Kelly Monaco did a great job dancing. Kelly will probably win because of her big fan base and her little red outfit and all her flips and dips. John and Charlotte looked amazing and graceful, but if they didn't win doing that last time around, I doubt it will help this time. Oh, and I was unexpectedly delighted by the pros dancing, and the adorable little kids. But it was strange to me that they could get Brian McKnight to sing, but they couldn't get a better band? If they had just waited another day I'm sure they could have gotten the cool house band from Rock Star: INXS. Whatever. But no matter who wins on Thursday, can we just call it over? I can't watch "Dance-off Part Deux."