Love Monkey
Is anyone else totally loving this kid Wayne's music? Tom perfectly described the young artist, played by real-life musician Teddy Geiger, as having

"depth, soul, and I just couldn't get it out of my head." While Tom was trying to brainstorm ways to get Wayne's name out there, I was thinking, "Duh,," and sure enough, that was Tom's first idea. I could so write this show... even though I have yet to sign up for MySpace. And I definitely noticed Mike staring down the hot nanny's cleavage. Come on, your wife is seven months pregnant, for heaven's sake, and she's sitting right there! Well, I learned a new word tonight: "nannyaziation," which refers to the cultural phenomenon of cheating with the nanny. I'm really hoping Mike can keep it in his pants, 'cause I don't think I could handle seeing Jason Priestley cheating on another pretty blonde (yes, that was a shameless 90210 reference). The chemistry building between Tom and Julia is just adorable, especially when she listed her Top 5 favorite songs and Tom's inner voice said "She had me at Dylan." I wonder how long it will take before these two hook up, although I'm sensing a love triangle coming up with Judy Greer's character, Bran. I love that this is a show about the music industry, and we get fun cameos, in this case, short but sweet appearances by Leann Rimes and Ben Folds. Now just bring on Bono and I'll be a loyal fan forever.