Love Monkey
For a show that's supposed to revolve around the music industry, our main characters seem to be spending an exaggerated amount of time on the basketball court. Although one of the funniest lines in last night's episode came from the second basketball scene "that whole 'I'm so cool I don't have to shower.'" OK, now that's just wrong, everyone needs to shower! Coolness doesn't take away stinkiness. So Tom's next step in promoting his sole client, Wayne, was the genius idea of making a music video, provided they find the right director. I still think they should have gone with the first guy they interviewed, who wanted Wayne to be tied up so tight it would start to cut into his arms, but in a good way. They ended up picking Sundance award-winning Nathan Kitt, whose vision of Wayne as the next James Dean ended up not being so brilliant, seeing as how Wayne ended up locking himself in his trailer during the shoot. Tonight we learned the important lesson of differentiating between confidence and arrogance. Confidence happened to be the name of Wayne's album and the theme of Tom's journey to becoming a better manager. Arrogance was what Nathan Kitt was so full of that he got himself fired. I loved seeing Tom all charged up and yelling at Nathan to get off his set. Followed by a very moving (OK, I'm being a bit dramatic) montage of Tom doing all the filming and editing of Wayne's laid-back, singing-on-the-streets video, which earned them praise from MTV and a cameo by musician

James Blunt. Congratulations. Confidence actually got you somewhere in life.

Maya Schechter

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