Love Monkey
A bit of a disclaimer: I was more than a little bit biased watching this show. Ed is one of my favorite shows, I find

Tom Cavanagh utterly adorable, and to top it all off, they tossed Jason Priestley into the mix. My lingering 90210 loyalties run pretty deep. So it isn't all that surprising that I adored the first episode of this new series, in spite of its ridiculous name. (Yeah, I get that he's trying to find love and swinging between trees it is still just a bizarre title.) It combines elements of Jerry Maguire Tom's boardroom speech about his love for music and High Fidelity  the music snobbery was running rampant with the merciless mocking of artists like Air Supply and Billy Joel. Not that there is anything wrong with either act in my book, per se, but in Tom's warped mind, a person's taste in music says pretty much everything about him/her, and if you choose to disagree with his taste, you are destined to be looked down upon. He rolled his eyes while explaining that his girlfriend "listens to Jewel and weeps, while I prefer real music." He also was upset by her choice of inspiration during their split: "Did she just quote Sting in the middle of breaking up with me?" But aside from the quick wit, this Monkey has a well-rounded cast with some fun romantic entanglements looming on the horizon. And if all that wasn't enough, they tossed in actual singer (with really pretty eyes) Teddy Geiger as up-and-coming musician Wayne. Though I think they could have called him Teddy and saved us some confusion.