Six new Islanders have entered the villa, and America's votes on which new Islanders get to stay will be revealed when a new episode of Love Island airs tonight at 8/7c on CBS. TV Guide has your exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming hour which features host Arielle Vandenberg breaking some unfortunate news.

"So, the villa is at maximum capacity right now and you can't all stay," she says in the video. With the arrival of new faces comes the reality that someone else will have to go. The question is, who will have to pack their bags and leave the island? America's vote has saved two Islanders, but the rest of the group will have to pick two more to keep on the villa, meaning two others will be leaving.

With elimination looming, newcomers Kelsey and Eric will make a play towards Weston and Kyra which might not go over so smoothly. Meanwhile, Zac and Elizabeth will get away from the drama and enjoy a romantic date elsewhere while discussing their future together.

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Essentially Bachelor in Paradise meets Big Brother, the sultry reality series follows a group of attractive young singles trapped together in a gorgeous villa on a remote island while competing for love and a huge cash prize. With thousands of cameras hidden throughout their luxe digs, viewers are invited to watch all the drama and heartbreak unfold as the Islanders fall in and out of love, with new twists being thrown at them each day.

Love Island USA airs weeknights at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.

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Arielle Vandenberg, <em>Love Island</em>Arielle Vandenberg, Love Island