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C'mon, you've all been thinking the same thing. How the hell does she go to the bathroom? Days of Our Lives' Vivian Alamain — played to madcap brilliance by Louise Sorel — is finally rescued from that sarcophagus this Friday (November 5) where she's been trapped for weeks without food, water or a loo. (You can play, too! Check out the Vivian's Escape game at nbc.com.) But get this: Before Vivian makes a break for it, she puts her arch-rival Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) in the sarcophagus instead! TV Guide Magazine fired some burning questions at Sorel, who seems just as mystified about this kooky plot as we are!

TV Guide Magazine: I've lost track. How long have you been in that tomb now?
Sorel: A month and a half! It seemed like I was in there forever. [Laughs] Though I realize most people are in there much longer than that! I don't understand any of this. I haven't a clue how Vivian survived. I feel like [the late Days head writer] Jim Reilly is still inhabiting us. I swear to God I saw him on the set the other day, floating through the hall at NBC as only he can.

TV Guide Magazine: I can see why your bosses would want to avoid the more indelicate details of this storyline — but surely they must know that everyone at home is wondering how Viv is coping with bodily functions.
Sorel: I asked [exec producer] Gary Tomlin, "Where's Vivian's catheter? People are asking me about this on the street!" He just looked at me, like, "No way. We are not going there."

TV Guide Magazine: Not to mention the fact that Vivian has been lying in a sarcophagus previously occupied by Isabella's body. How creepy is that?
Sorel: [Laughs] It's completely disgusting! Believe me, I've had a lot of questions about this story and I have asked them, but got very few answers.

TV Guide Magazine: At least you had Oprah-quality lighting in there. You looked pretty damn glam in that crypt, doll!
Sorel: How sweet. Really? I couldn't look at any of it.

TV Guide Magazine: So where does this go from here? When Vivian buried Carly alive back in 1993 she was hopped up on Chinese herbs she got from Dr. Woo.
Sorel: She has no such excuse this time.

TV Guide Magazine: Right. She can't play the herbal insanity card, so burying the beloved Maggie alive seems like it'd be rather hard to overlook. Did you worry this might end your current run on Days?
Sorel: No, I think because it's all been played for laughs whereas Reilly's original buried-alive story was played very seriously, which is why it worked so well. This one is quite funny. Well...I'm saying it's funny because otherwise I couldn't do it. Besides, Vivian can now press charges on anyone who threatens her because she has the goods on everybody — Brady, who buried her there, and Victor, Philip, Nicole and Kate, who all knew she was in the sarcophagus and did nothing to save her. And they still think she's in there. When Gus the idiot rescues Vivian, he takes her to a hotel where she sets up her remote camera so that everyone thinks she's still buried. No one knows it's Maggie who is stuck inside there. Meanwhile, Vivian's lounging about in a gown, sipping champagne and stuffing her face with caviar.

TV Guide Magazine: Won't Maggie be pretty pissed at Vivian when she gets sprung? Can we look forward to a grande dame smackdown?
Sorel: [Laughs] Well, they're not exactly chums, but frankly, I never thought Maggie did enough for Vivian to go as far as she went. Maggie didn't really do anything. Vivian should have gone after her husband, Victor. He told Maggie he loved her. Maggie acted like a mature woman and said, "I'm not ready for this. You're a married man." She was very oatmeal-cookie about it, but Vivian didn't see it that way. Now she's not just pissed at Maggie, she's pissed at everyone.

TV Guide Magazine: And wants revenge?
Sorel: Of course! Vivian ends up in total control. She takes over Victor's house, she takes over Titan Industries, she takes over everything. I just don't know why they put up with her and let her get away with it. Now I go to work at Days and keep saying, "Why doesn't somebody just shoot me?"

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