The X Factor UK's December 10th final is still reverberating through the internet today as a video of One Direction's Louis Tomlinson tearfully singing the debut of his song "Just Hold On" is shared with an international audience.

One of the most loved members of arguably the world's favorite boy band, Tomlinson's career was first launched via The X Factor UK. Debuting "Just Hold On," a collaboration between him and Steve Aoki, on the X Factor stage was meant to be a triumphant moment that would bring his career (so far) full circle to its humble beginnings.

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However, the loss of his mother, Johannah Deakin, to leukemia on December 7th changed the mood on the X-Factor stage, where Tomlinson performed the upbeat song with the grace and commitment of a veteran artist. At the end of his performance, a visibly emotional Tomlinson kissed his fingers and looked up at the sky. Afterwards, Simon Cowell shared a few words in honor of Tomlinson's late mother.

"I've known you now for six years and what you've just done — the bravery — I respect you as an artist, I respect you as a person, and your mum is so proud of you Louis. She was so looking forward to tonight. She is looking down on you now and you've done her proud," Cowell said.

Tomlinson's One Direction bandmates, including former member Zayn Malik, attended the X-Factor taping to show their support of the singer. When the event was over, Tomlinson thanked everyone in his life for making the performance so special, despite it being "harder than he ever imagined."