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Louis C.K. says he's thankful for the success of his FX series, Louie. But he's still a little freaked out.

"I'm still terrified of putting on a bad show," the 43-year-old comedian told reporters at the Television Critics Association's winter previews. "There's still a lot of pressure."

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Louie was renewed last August, five weeks into its Season 1 run. 2010 also brought Louis C.K. success on the big screen through his stand-up film, Hilarious. "It was a great year. They can't take this away," he said. "I grew up poor so I assume they're going to try to take away everything."

As the show's star, writer, producer, director and editor, C.K. said his main goal is to "only show what's worth seeing." He cited 1977's Annie Hall and its star, writer, and director Woody Allen, as inspiration for Louie. "Every minute should be fun or awful or some high mark of something. Woody Allen, to me, always did that in his early movies," he said also noting Bananas and Take the Money and Run.

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Much like Allen, C.K. said he's also found inspiration from the show's backdrop, New York City, and that he sometimes writes entire episodes to fit a specific part of the city. "I want to show parts of New York that hasn't been seen a lot," he said "There's the Bowery, there's sh---- parts of Brooklyn and a lot of great New York."

Although the series has featured celebrity guest stars ranging from Ricky Gervais to Matthew Broderick, C.K. warns not to expect too many big names when the show returns for Season 2.

"I know some famous people that have very nicely offered to be on the show," he said. "But there is something about people that are really recognizable that takes you out of it on this show."

The new season of Louie moves to Thursday nights on FX this summer.