Louis C.K. Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. took on a tough task hosting Saturday Night Live just days after Hurricane Sandy ripped through much of the show's home city. But from his opening monologue, the comedian wasted no time in addressing the disaster and then immediately (but also tastefully) poking fun at the city's residents.

"Today they turned the power back on which is great because we can go back to using way too much electricity, like insane amounts of electricity," he joked.

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Watch the best moments from Saturday's episode:

Louis C.K. delivers a hilarious opening monologue mostly about old ladies

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It was inevitable, but the cold opening featured Fred Armisen as New York City Mayor Bloomberg and took on his animated sign-language interpreter:

Louis spoofs his own FX series Louie by re-imagining it as Lincoln (yes, the president):

How do you think Louis C.K performed?