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Louie is taking take an extended hiatus until 2014.

Emmy winner Louis C.K. — who writes, produces, stars in, directs and edits the show — requested the delay between the third and fourth seasons to ensure the show's quality continues to live up to its standards, he said in a conference call Tuesday, according to Variety.

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"The last three seasons have been this surge of fun and work and stories and it's been great, but I want the show to keep getting better," C.K. told reporters. "That's my goal, and I don't want it to be making the donuts, I want it to be something that comes from somewhere important and stays funny. It's a luxury I asked for ... Season 4 is my job right now, but I'm going to take a whole lot of time to turn it in."C.K. added that he thinks of the first three seasons as a trilogy and that Season 4 would hopefully "go somewhere new, even if it's only a slight shift."

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"My goal from the very beginning is not to force Louis to adapt his skills to a specific structure of story," FX President

John Landgraf said of the unconventional comedy. "Why does it have to be one thing? Why can't it be anything Louis wants it to be? Louis will do whatever he wants to do, and we'll try to figure out from a channel standpoint how to support that."Louie will likely resume filming in fall 2013 with a target May 2014 premiere.For those who can't wait until 2014, there's always the parody Twitter account Fake Louie Episodes — which outlines fictional Louie storylines in 140 characters or less — to help pass the time until the show's anticipated return.