Lost Wouldn't it be funny if they showed the backstory of one of the random survivors and it was all happy and uncomplicated? Because, really, I don't think anyone on this show could win a game of "Whose preisland life was most tragic?" Although becoming a scary guerrilla fighter/gangster to save your brother and then getting him killed while trafficking drugs does rank up there. I've got to commend Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje's acting skill: Before tonight's episode, his eyes had already told us what menace, sympathy and sadness Eko was hiding under all that faith. And man, is he clever, too. Did you notice how all Claire said was that Charlie carried a statue, and he guessed the entire thing? That's kind of an odd assumption to make. Charlie, on the other hand, is not so good with the detective work. "You're a priest!" he finally exclaimed after finding the dead guy with a collar and noticing the scripture on Eko's "Jesus stick." Armed with all that tragedy and faith, Eko scared away the black-cloud monster with just a mean ol' glare. This was the DVR slow-mo play of the week: After many rewinds and pauses, I'm pretty sure I could make out the shadowy images of the old man he killed, the church, his brother and the statue-selling lady. Seems to me like the monster is made up of what haunts you from your past. And after the kind of life he's had, neither that nor the insane coincidence of surviving a plane crash on the same island your brother crashed into years ago could make you flinch.

In other island matters: First, either someone in another Dharma station is messing with Michael, or Walt is communicating telepathically. No way could that Apple IIc or whatever it is have IM. As for Michael's mission, I hope no one finds out he wasted a whole jar of ranch dressing on target practice. Second, is Charlie stockpiling heroin in anticipation of some future desperate moment? And third, in that one simple haircut scene, Kate and Sawyer really looked like a couple  something about the way they were so comfortable together. And by the way, I want lessons in benign cursing from Sawyer. Let's introduce "bullpucky" into our conversations today. It might scare away any nightmares Eko's story might have left us with.