Rebecca Mader by Mario Perez/ABC; Kristen Bell by Chris Haston/NBC Rebecca Mader by Mario Perez/ABC; Kristen Bell by Chris Haston/NBC

Confession time: I wasn't expecting to like Rebecca Mader on Lost. Not because I think she's a bad actress or anything. She was good on Justice. It's just that, well, the role of Charlotte was originally earmarked for my beloved Kristen Bell, and the thought of anyone else playing the part just felt wrong. But three episodes into Lost's new season, I have to say, Mader is winning me over. It probably helps that the 28-year-old Brit is incredibly likable off-screen, due in large part to a wicked sense of humor that was on full display when we chatted earlier this week about her new day job, her hopes for a Charlotte-Sawyer lovefest and why she feels the urge to knock on Kristen Bell's door and start singing.

When do you have to report back on set?
Rebecca Mader:
I have a feeling we'll be going back into production in about a month. But no one's called me yet.

What have you done during your downtime?
I moved. I got a new apartment. I went home to London and spent time with my family. And now I'm really bored and ready to go back to work. [ Laughs]

Was it frustrating to have to stop in the middle of the season like that?
Yeah. I wasn't ready to stop working. I was having the time of my life.

Was that the general feeling among the cast?
I think some of the other kids were like, "Whatever...." But I think because I was new, and this is new and exciting for me, I didn't really want to stop.

Is everyone being nice to you?
They're so cool. They're such wickedly funny, cool people. They were very welcoming. It was really easy for me to slip in. They get my silly, stupid sense of humor. The downtime is really, really enjoyable.

Are friends and family pestering you to reveal to them the mysteries to Lost?
All the time, yeah. They think I'm lying when I tell them I don't know what's going to happen. They're like, "I hate you! You're so well trained! That's not fair - we're friends! I promise I won't tell anyone!" I'm like, "I don't have the answer. I really don't. I swear on my dog's life I don't have the answer." They don't believe me.

But you do know what you shot. Is it hard to keep that stuff secret?
It is hard, because there are a couple of really, really good episodes coming up. Charlotte does some really juicy stuff.

So... what is your primary reason for being on the island?
I look in the mirror and ask myself that question every day: "Who am I?" [ Laughs]

How long until we get an answer to that question?
I don't know how they're going to play it out. I want to know. I want to go back to work and find out so I can tell you.

Yes, please call me.
I will.

There was a bit of a media frenzy over the summer surrounding the casting of your role - due, in large part, to Kristen Bell turning it down. Did you follow all that?
[ Laughs] I didn't know when I was going through the whole audition process. It wasn't until after I got the job that I heard those rumors. Friends of mine would say, "Kristen Bell was up for your part and turned it down." And I'm like, " Did she?"

It's odd, because you wouldn't think you and Kristen Bell would be going after the same roles.
[ Laughs] Never in a million years. We look nothing alike at all. It's pretty funny.

When you went in to audition, were you aware that the character was supposed to be...
...Blonde and small? [ Laughs]

Yeah. And have an American accent?
I do American accents all the time. I played an American attorney on Justice. I'm always ready to bust that out if it needs to be done. When I prepared the audition piece in my head, I was ready to go either way. So when I met Damon and Carlton, I went in speaking my own accent and they were like, "We like it this way."

Were you ever tempted to send Kristen a big bouquet of flowers?
[ Laughs] I was going to do a Kiss-o-Gram or something. [ Singing] "Thank you, Kristen... for turning it down."

Have you heard anything about a potential romance for Charlotte?
I've been trying to figure out who I want that to be.

Maybe Sawyer?
That's what my friends are hoping. But I don't know.

I'll plant that seed with Damon and Carlton.
Please do. Say the fans are really asking for it.

OK, gang, time to weigh in with your two pennies. What do you guys think about...

" Rebecca vs. Kristen as Charlotte
" Charlotte and Sawyer as lovahs
" Last night's Lost.
" The price of tea in China.