Shepherding in one way or another not one ( Lost) or two ( Six Degrees) but three ( What About Brian, returning Oct. 2) prime-time dramas this fall, J.J. Abrams' many TV obligations have caught up with him. As a result, he will not be directing the seventh episode of Lost - the first following the series' mid-season hiatus - as planned. "I was supposed to leave today for Hawaii to begin prep on an episode I was set to direct and I was dying to do - the story is just mind-blowing - but because of work on these other shows, I've been unable to do that," Abrams shared in a Tuesday teleconference with reporters. Instead, Abrams plans to get behind the camera for a later Lost outing, if not the season ender. Already teasing "such an enjoyable conclusion" to Season 3 (which doesn't even premiere until tomorrow night), he says, "I'd love to be able to work on the finale."