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The latest Lost concluded with Hurley (Jorge Garcia) leading the remaining candidates into the Man in Black's camp. Apparently, Hugo Reyes has gone crazy, right?

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"He's trying to protect everybody like he's always been," insists Garcia, who adds that Ilana's death was the catalyst for Hurley taking a leadership role. Plus, Garcia says: "Having that connection with Jacob [Mark Pellegrino] has definitely given him a bit of chutzpah to take more charge and get stuff done.

"He might be pushing the limits a little bit, but when you have a show with Ben Linus [Michael Emerson] on it, it doesn't really look so bad, what he does, just yet. His intentions are right. It's the last season, so we have to get to the end, so we might as well go and face each other!"

The next episode will pick up with the pow-wow between good and evil starting, Garcia says. He adds that we needn't worry about the safety of Hurley, Jack (Matthew Fox), Frank (Jeff Fahey) and Sun (Yunjin Kim). "[The Man in Black] did give them their word that he wasn't going to do anything. It's been established that he has to keep his word," says Garcia. "So if he gives his word, then he's bound to it."

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The question remains: Will the candidates try to blow up the plane to stop Old Smokey from leaving the island? "They built a huge airplane fuselage, complete with wings out of wood and foam," says Garcia. "It would be a really beautiful thing to blow up."

Garcia, who plans to move back to Los Angeles when the show concludes, says the cast will still be shooting until April 24, but they have just wrapped a crucial location: Hawaii's Kualoa Ranch.

"When we were shooting, we had a moment where we held each other's hands and hugged because Kualoa Ranch was Day One of the pilot, so it's always going to be special that way."

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Who was missing from that group moment?

"I can't really tell you who was there," Garcia says, "It's safe to say that Ilana is not going to be the only casualty of the great Lost battle."

Who do you think is going to die?