Lost I'm not sure if we're supposed to be rewatching the pilot for specific clues or if this is just another chance for ABC to reel in more viewers who've been missing out and were afraid to get into it without seeing how this business all began. Meanwhile, I'm going to look on the bright side of things and not think of this as a rerun (as my brain screams "Is that captured guy an Other? What is Claire going to remember about her kidnapping?"), but rather as a reminder of all the things that are brilliant about the show, and the pilot in particular. In order of appearance:

  • The eerie silence of the first minute, when Jack awakens to find himself in a jungle, face to face with a yellow lab, with a pocket full of vodka.
  • Boone good-naturedly hunting for pens to help Jack punch a hole in Rose's throat. God I miss that eye candy.
  • Kate's bewildered response to Jack when he asks her to sew his wound: "With the drapes I used a sewing machine!"
  • The creepy detail of Kate taking hiking boots off a corpse and checking their size.
  • Locke's freaky orange-peel grin.
  • Charlie's glee at being recognized. And his description of the monster: "There's a certain gargantuan quality about this thing."
  • Actually, speaking of the monster, is the thing that makes those creepy mechanical noises and turned the pilot into a bloody pulp really the same monster that looks like nothing but a black cloud full of Eko's bad memories?
  • Jack's totally adorable way of expressing incredulity: "Sorry?"
  • Walt seems so much younger and vulnerable.
  • Shannon is so completely hateable until she notices the dead guy she'd been mean to.
  • Jin seems pretty despicable, too, given the way he talks to Sun. What a difference a few flashbacks make.
  • Hurley's definitely lost weight.
  • Sayid is the thinking girl's hero from Day 2. Fixing hand radios never looked so hot.
  • Sawyer, despite making himself look like a racist redneck, redeems himself by shooting the polar bear from, he guesses, "Bear Village."

And now I'm all excited to get to know these characters all over again, and their quirky personalities seem almost more important than the central mystery connecting them all. But really, get back to Claire's memories of the kidnapping, already!