Lost I'd like to thank Sabrina who did such a lovely job writing about this show while I've been out on maternity leave for pointing out the fact that the title of tonight's episode was "Maternity Leave." Weird coincidence. And while I promise not to have too much baby talk going on, can I just say that Claire is a lucky, lucky gal that sweet pea Aaron is always sleeping through the night at less than a month old? Must have something to do with that island air... or the weird drugs that the Others injected into Claire's pregnant belly. Thank goodness that Libby was around with her clinical-psychology background to help Claire resolve her amnesia about the two weeks she was missing. But where did all those Others go? How big is

this island? I mean Rousseau avoids our fuselagies (that word is courtesy of Matthew Fox on The Daily Show) most of the time, and the Others kidnapped Claire and kept her hidden for a while, yet their secret lair is less than a day's walk from the beach? I want a map. And is the "new" Dharma symbol the staff of Asclepius those intertwined snakes  that are on many medical supplies? And what was up with that little disguise kit that Kate discovered? Is someone impersonating the shaggy Mr. DeGroot? Also, did anyone else sort of have a moment of panic that Mr. Eko was going to off himself after his confession to Henry? I knew in my sane mind that it wouldn't happen, but there was a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when he took out that massive knife and held it to his throat. And I still don't trust Henry Gale and his whole Wizard of Oz-inspired cover story. I think he's a Cylon... I mean, an Other. (Too much Battlestar for me during my break.) His eagerness to drive a wedge between Jack and Locke just further proves to me that he's up to no good.