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Senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your burning questions. Be sure to direct any new seekage of spoilers to mega_scoop@tvguide.com

I have this nagging feeling that Lost from here on will focus on the Oceanic 6, at the expense of the people - my Sawyer included! - left on the island. Please tell me I'm wrong. - Lauren
Matt: I take great pleasure in telling you that you are wrong. I then laugh derisively in your general direction. Have no fear, Lauren, the left-behinders will get plenty of air time. In fact, a (probably well-tanned) setsider tells me that Elizabeth Mitchell, for one, has never had more to do and as such is busier than a one-armed paperhanger. But is she getting busy with Your Sawyer? That's the question.

After "The Kiss," can we expect a House-Cuddy romance to bloom? - Mandy
Mickey: As I learned the hard way one hot summer night in July 1987, a kiss does not necessarily equal a relationship. Then ask yourself if anything House does blooms. The man is like human pesticide. 

Any chance that NCIS boss Shane Brennan is open to a return by Ralph Waite's Jack Gibbs? Feel free to beg on behalf of the fans, if that will help! - Andrea
Matt: First of all, exec producers truly love it when readers know them by their names. So Brennan was more than willing to part with this morsel: "Jack Gibbs is in his son's future. He's proved immensely popular, and at some time in a future episode we will revisit the character."

Who plays Jonathan, Eric's boyfriend on Gossip Girl? He's very cute! - Andrew
Mickey: His name is Matt Doyle, and he was plucked from the cast of Broadway's Spring Awakening to appear on Gossip Girl, his first TV credit. He also has a small part in Once More with Feeling, an upcoming, karaoke-themed indie starring Drea de Matteo. Like many gay relationships on TV, Eric and Jonathan's will be short-lived. Until Eric finds favor with Cupid again, he has bigger fish to fry, like helping new BFF Jenny start an underground fashion line while simultaneously applying all that eye makeup every morning.

Is the 90210 love child (to be played by Josh Henderson) going to be a recurring character? - Sue
Mickey: Yep. He will actually move in with one of his birth parents, and his friendships with their kids will create half-sibling rivalries not seen since Kelly and David practically came to blows over who got to take little Erin to the Color Me Badd concert. (No wonder she's so angry these days!) 

I've heard that Susan loses a loved one in the big fire on Desperate Housewives. Can you give any hint as to whom it might be? - Mia
Mickey: While all signs point to it being Jackson, at the risk of sounding like a monster, I hope it's M.J., if only because I think it would be bold dramatic territory for the show - and Teri Hatcher - to cover. And Marc Cherry has already hinted at just such a morbid storyline. It's just that we all assumed he was talking about Lynette since she has so many offspring to spare. But what if...? 

Can you find out whether or not Criminal Minds' J.J. will finally be getting a storyline this season, besides her pregnancy? - Diane
Matt: Minds minder Ed Bernero tells us that once A.J. Cook's real-life maternity leave hits your screen in a couple of weeks, the rest of the team "will realize just how great Jennifer Jareau is at keeping them under her wing, how difficult the job she does so seamlessly is." Upon Cook's return (currently penciled in for midseason), Bernero says, "J.J. will, as so many women in our culture do, have to learn to juggle the demands of a difficult job and being a mother." In doing so, he says, "We'll find that J.J. is even more of a hero now than she was before." Awww. 

When is McArmy coming back to Grey's? And please tell me he is going to be part of the cast. - Heather
Matt: As you saw at the end of last Thursday's episode, Army Major Owen Hunt is back in action - and will ruffle some feathers, stat! (Watch the Mega Minute for more on that.) At this time, Kevin McKidd is on what I will call "strongly recurring" status, but he certainly has the potential to become a series regular.

I am thirsty for some scoop on my new addiction: True Blood. - Andrea
Mickey: First, let me ask you a question. Do you have any idea who the killer might be? There are a lot of suspects, but not a whole lot of clues. Or are there? Leave your best guess in the comments section below, and look for my "Who's the Killer?" piece later in the week. In the meantime, remember how that voodoo priestess said Tara had her own demon to conquer? Well, she'll get cracking on that - with the help of a most unusual benefactor (who, of course, has a secret) but also a creepy butler who ain't talkin'!

What happened to Jeremy's twin on Dirty Sexy Money? They haven't mentioned her at all this season. - Amy
Matt: Actually, there was a throwaway line in the Oct. 8 episode establishing that Juliet was off romping "in the islands" with her Season 1 deflowerer, Kai. Viewers will be brought fully up to speed on Jules' love life - and see Samaire Armstrong on their screens again - in the Nov. 26 episode.

Where are CSI: NY's Lindsay and Danny?! - Jane
Matt: Yeah, despite their popularity (if only as evidenced by the volume of emails published here in the Buzz), Danny and Lindsay have been a bit scarce this season. I am assured, however, that their Big Story is on the horizon - and that it will be well worth the wait.

Will Stephen Martines be returning to The Closer as Ricardo Ramos? - Dee Bee
Matt: Not in the "back five" episodes coming in January, "but we will be writing to him next season," series creator James Duff tells the Buzz. Blame it on a scarcity of available screen time as the show ramps up to what Duff calls "the final resolution of Fritz and Brenda's romance." Now is it me, or does that sound slightly ominous...?

NBC's Life is a great show. Any scoop? - Charlie
Mickey: You've heard the good news that proud parent NBC is moving it from Fridays to Wednesdays, right? If only workaholic Charlie was as considerate a caretaker. Damian Lewis told me that Crews' new paternal relationship with not-so-typical teen Rachel won't be easy for him. "It's important to remember that Charlie is a little cracked," he stresses. 

Kiss or no kiss, "Committed" was one of the best Smallville episodes ever. Can you keep us in this high with some Clark-Lois scoop? - Gaby
Matt: But what if "Clark-Lois scoop" and "keep us in this high" are mutually exclusive in this instance? Over the next few weeks, I am told, Clark and Lois' newfound closeness will be tested when Ms. Lane goes on a date with "a handsome 'Daily Planet' reporter." (My man in Vancouver refused to divulge said newsman's name; I choose to dub him Lucky Bastid.) A bit further down the road, Clois will find themselves as travel partners on a long and very strange trip. The out-of-this-world sitch will pull them closer and closer until, on the day of Chloe's wedding, a familiar face comes between them — just as sparks start to fly. Gee, who could that be?

Mickey's Mega Rave: Yay, NBC Universal programming execs! Not only are you giving Life a second chance with a move to Wednesday nights, you're also launching a second wave of fall premieres, chief among them Law & Order (returning Wednesday, Nov. 5) and Top Chef (Wednesday, Nov. 12, on Bravo). Add to that the long-awaited arrival of the 24 prequel movie, Redemption (airing Sunday, Nov. 23, on Fox), and suddenly all those imminent November-sweeps casting stunts are looking that much more bearable.

Matt's Mini Rant: I hear you, Mickey, but before I cue up my own 24: Redemption DVD, I need to echo Matt Roush's concern that somewhere in all of this, Friday is becoming another Saturday - that is, a dumping ground. The Ex List got the axe, and in its place we'll get NCIS repeats? Lipstick Jungle's "punishment" for not being good enough is a Friday slot? (And does anyone else note the irony that NBC deems Friday a fine fit for a female-skewing dramedy where CBS does not?)

Reader Quote of the Week: "Let me get this straight - they develop a show about a 30-ish, attractive single woman who owns her own business and has a fab apartment and fab friends and a fab life and dozens of ex-boyfriends to choose from in her search for "the one," and put it on Friday night. Didn't they think someone sitting at home alone on a Friday night watching TV might not want to be reminded just how un-fab their lives might be?" (ctheslayer, not at all surprised by the cancellation of The Ex List)

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