Michelle Rodriguez courtesy Mario Perez/ABC Michelle Rodriguez courtesy Mario Perez/ABC

Look who has found herself back on Lost. Michelle Rodriguez, who famously and hastily was written off of the ABC serial not long after she was pinched in Hawaii on DUI charges, will resurface in the new season's second episode, sources confirm for TVGuide.com.

Lest you truly believe in the unbelievable, though, it should be noted that M-Rod's Ana Lucia will appear only in the one episode, possibly as part of a Hurley-centric flashback (as EW's Ausiello speculates).

Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros (who played Libby to her Ana Lucia) were arrested in Oahu on Dec. 1, 2006, on suspicion of driving their respective cars under the influence of alcohol in Oahu. Though both of their Lost characters were dispatched later in the TV season, show producers maintained that Ana Lucia was always a short-term role.

Watros' Libby cameo'd this past season, as an apparition to Michael. - Matt Mitovich

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