Flashing back to a plane crash? Must be sweeps. But I did love how they recaptured the chaos and confusion of the landing that the pilot episode had. Kudos to the directors: If you can make me feel dizzy without me getting all Blair Witch nauseous, that's impressive work. I was, however, completely grossed out by the broken leg and Libby resetting it. Couldnt help but wonder if that poor guy would have lived had he landed on the other side of the island with Jack. But the tailies clearly had a lot more encounters with the "Others" or "Them" than our other castaways. Sure, Ethan abducted Claire, and there was always that creepy monster to contend with, but when the Others can invade your camp to take your strongest members and all your kids, that's not good. Not to mention that they completely destroyed any hope the survivors had of hiding by getting Goodwin to make all nicey-nicey with Ana-Lucia. Those are some truly bad guys, especially Goodwin, who mercilessly snapped poor

Josh Randall's neck in the middle of the woods. (On a random note: Which Ed cast member do we think will show up next, since we've already had Josh and Julie Bowen? My money's on Molly.) Now I know I've said some unkind things about Ana along the way, and while I still dont like her attitude, I do admire her survival skills and her willingness to protect her newfound tribe. She seemed to know a lot about that Army knife and she put clues together about bad guys, so perhaps her eventual backstory will show where she learned these tricks of the trade. That is if she survives long enough to get a backstory. The look on Sayid's face when she shot Shannon wasn't exactly all nice-to-meet-you-neighbor. I wonder if hell get a chance to try out some of those nasty torture techniques that he used on Sawyer last year. Hmm one can hope. Anyway, did anyone else think it was really creepy to hear the other end of the Boone radio transmission? Oh, and thoughts on what the upward-pointing arrow on the other shelter's Dharma logo was? It seemed to be some sort of directional signal like a compass, but how does that relate to the swan logo in the hatch? Also, we know that some of the kids must still be alive because we saw the boy with the teddy bear who arrived onshore with his unconscious sister walking in the woods. But why are the Others so obsessed with kids? Ah, another intense week, another batch of unanswered questions. God, I love this show.