Lost So first,

click here to read Angel Cohn's reaction to this episode when it aired last March. Wow, it seems so long ago, when we were naive and just learning about the evil numbers. When we could be distracted by the eye candy of Boone and Shannon. When the hatch was just something we thought Locke was exploring to pass the time. Anyway, Lindelof and Cuse don't do anything without reason, so this rerun must be providing us with clues. Or at least reminding us of stuff we're supposed to be thinking about when next week's new episode comes around.

Rousseau: We've almost forgotten all about her. Where is she hiding? And is Desmond there, too? I bet they'll be back soon.

Hurley's darkish past: Not just the numbers curse what exactly did he do to land in a mental institution? When the reporters showed up at his house after his lottery win, he said he'd "put my family through a lot recently."

Sam Toomi: The last guy with the numbers curse. I don't think there's any clue here, but I just want to mention how cool and pragmatic his wife was.

Locke: After last week, this interest he took in Claire doesn't quite seem as friendly and helpful as it did the first time around. He knew Sawyer's real name from the flight manifest  is that how he knew about Claire's birthday, too? (BTW, I wonder if the Sixteen Candles reference here was purely coincidental.) I don't think he's an Other, but it's starting to seem like he's very willingly acting like an instrument in their grand plan. Damn, this got me psyched for new episodes!