Dominic Monaghan in the "ABC House" promo Dominic Monaghan in the "ABC House" promo

Charlie Pace is alive and kicking... a foosball around, in a new ABC promo that raises big questions about the Lost character's mortality.

In the latest installment of the network's "ABC House" campaign, Charlie (played by Dominic Monaghan) is teamed with Courteney Cox Arquette's Cougar Town cougar, Jules, in a table soccer match against Grey's Anatomy's McDreamy and Ed O'Neill's Modern Family patriarch.

Following a dispute over a goal — Jules is accused of "spinning" — Derek warns Charlie, "You are so dead." Charlie then turns to Jules to say, "Actually, I was."

Um, was?

Since tragically yet heroically drowning at the Looking Glass Station in Lost's Season 3 finale, Charlie has surfaced exactly once. In the Season 4 opener, what one might assume was the late rocker's ghost visited Hurley at the Santa Rosa clinic — despite Charlie repeatedly telling Hurley, "I am here."

Is Charlie indeed alive? Should such a deduction be made from the ABC promo (seen below)?

A spokesperson for Lost declined to comment on the network promo. Sources close to the show, however, tell that Monaghan's involvement in the commercial does not necessarily mean he is returning to Lost.

Not that another encore is out of the question. As part of Monaghan's May 2007 post-mortem Q&A, Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof teased, "You'll still be feeling Charlie's presence very much, although [he] is dead."

Exec producer Carlson Cuse in turn noted, "If you look at the show, a lot of characters work more when they're dead than they did when they were alive."

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