Attention hobbits! A thing is happening!

Well, maybe. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a Lord of the Rings TV show is in the works. The good news is that Warner Bros., the company behind the iconic films, is involved and Amazon has emerged as a potential buyer for the series. The bad news is that neither party will actually confirm that the talks are happening.

TV networks have been investing a lot in rebooting successful properties, both old film and TV properties. Broadcast is doing well with Lethal Weapon on Fox and MacGyver on CBS. Shemar Moore made his network TV return for SWAT and CBS has also got a Magnum P.I. reboot in the works.

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The series is still looking for a writer to pen the pilot script and there are no details concerning what part of the franchise the series would cover, but really what it comes down to is money. Warner Bros. is just months out from settling an $80 million lawsuit with the Tolkien family estate over profits from the feature films starring Elijah Wood, pre-Game of Thrones Sean Bean and Orlando Bloom with elf ears. The trilogy helped make J.R.R. Tolkein's fantasy epic in to a multi-billion dollar worldwide franchise. And obviously, everyone is looking for the next Game of Thrones.

So hope is out there, because if the series is successful it could be a huge profit gainer. If the pieces fall apart though, don't fret. If you play the director's cut of all three movies — Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King back to back, it lasts the same amount of time as bingeing an entire season of television anyway. You can pre-game with all three of The Hobbit movies if you don't believe us.