After recruiting most of its teen cast, Looking for Alaska has started to add the adults to its expanding cast, starting with This Is Us alum Ron Cephas Jones.

Jones will play Dr. Hyde, the History of Religion teacher at Culver Academy, which is the boarding school series protagonist Miles (Charlie Plummer) attends. In John Green's novel, which the series is based on, Hyde is described as incredibly old and amused by his own jokes, but he's also a makeshift mentor for Miles and his ragtag group of friends. Considering how great Jones has been at dispensing wisdom on This Is Us, he makes a really great choice for the teens' favorite professor and someone who can gently guide them through the crushing angst that awaits them in the series.

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The actor is joined by Timothy Simons (Veep), who will play Culver Academy's headmaster of sorts, The Eagle. He's the law around campus and the person Miles and his friends must get around in order to experience true youthful rebellion.

The production on the 8-episode limited series began this month. The series will stream on Hulu at a yet to be announced date.

Ron Cephas Jones, <em>This Is Us</em>Ron Cephas Jones, This Is Us