Hulu just let us take a giant step into the great perhaps! John Green announced on Twitter that Kristine Froseth (Sierra Burgess Is a Loser) will take on the titular role in the Looking for Alaska limited series. Charlie Plummer joins her Miles "Pudge" Halter.

Long before Hazel and Gus took their tragically romantic trip to Amsterdam in The Fault in Our Stars, John Green was most known for rain metaphors that compared girls to hurricanes in his first novel, Looking for Alaska. The novel follows Miles to Culver Creek Academy, a boarding school for gifted students. It's there he meets the beautiful, dazzling and enigmatic Alaska Young. Miles can't help but fall in love with her, until her unexpected death sends him and his friends on a mission to uncover the truth and realize they didn't really know Alaska at all.

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Looking for Alaska has taken a while to get to this point. Warner Brothers bought the book with the intention of adapting it into a film shortly after its release, but it never got off the ground. New screenwriters were brought in for a second attempt after the success of The Fault in Our Stars at 20th Century Fox Searchlight. Finally, Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage got the rights. Schwartz penned the pilot script, which Hulu bought as an eight-episode limited series that will follow Miles' first year at Culver Creek. Schwartz, Savage and Green will executive produce all eight episodes.

Froseth carries a heavy burden as the titular Alaska, the YA embodiment of a manic pixie dream girl. Despite the critical flack that Sierra Burgess Is a Loser received overall, Froseth's layered performance as the mean girl-turned mentee and best friend to Shannon Purser's Sierra proved that she can handle the pretty girl politics as well as deliver an emotional punch.

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Plummer has potentially even more heavy lifting to do as Miles. Green has long said that Alaska is the most personal of his novels and that Miles most resembles a fictionalized version of himself. Miles is anxious and unsure of himself when he first gets to Culver Creek, but more importantly, he serves as the audience's way into the story. We see Alaska how he sees Alaska, and he'll have to convince us of his devotion to get us to go along on this devastating journey.

Kristine Froseth, <em>Sierra Burgess is a Loser</em>Kristine Froseth, Sierra Burgess is a Loser