Jane Levy/ABC Jane Levy/ABC

When Suburgatory's Tessa (Jane Levy) turns the big 1-6, the ABC comedy borrows a page from MTV's My Super Sweet 16 and throws an unforgettable birthday bash. "She wants to have a low-key party with just two friends, pizza and rent a movie," Levy says.

But when Dallas (Cheryl Hines) discovers Tessa's plans, she takes matters into her own hands to throw the party of a lifetime. "It's over the top," adds Levy, who never had a Sweet 16 party in real life but did receive a car. "There's a pony and a [signature drink called the] Tessa-tini."

Tessa even sheds her trademark city-girl clothes for the big occasion. "It was a pretty simple white dress and they actually bejeweled the whole thing," says Levy. "Dalia picks it out and I'm really upset about it, but once I try it on I feel very beautiful." Party on!

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