Yvonne Strahovsk Yvonne Strahovsk

Yvonne Strahovski unveils her new PETA ad, featuring her rescued pooches Chazzie and Wilbur, exclusively for TV Guide Magazine. Unlike in other celeb PETA ads, the actress — who plays Chuck's improbably hot CIA girlfriend on the NBC cult hit Chuck — doesn't bare all. Instead, she donned wings to play her dogs' guardian angel for the animal rights group's "Adopt, Don't Buy," campaign.

PETA's latest ad blitz is aimed at urging animal lovers to adopt from shelters, rather than buy from a pet store or breeder. Animal shelters usually see a spike in abandoned animals after the holidays. "There's something like 7-8 million animals that are homeless, and half of those dogs get euthanized, and it's really sad," the actress says. "I come home from a hard day at work," adds Strahovski, who's been known to bring her pets to the set, "and I see these two happy faces when I walk in the door. It's unconditional love."