30 Rock 30 Rock

More than five decades after their one-night stand, Jack Donaghy's parents, Colleen (Elaine Stritch) and Milton Greene (Alan Alda), will reunite for the first time on the December 9 episode of NBC's 30 Rock.

"I first met Elaine probably 20 years ago but never worked with her before," says Alda. "I always knew the reunion would be interesting. We kid with each other a lot, and our characters have a common enemy in their son."

As for the "bizarre" story line, Alda says, "It involves what would make Jack happy for Christmas. His main object is to get even with his mother for his whole life." But the plan backfires, and the family ends up spending Christmas in the hospital. No wonder Mama Donaghy doesn't look so merry.

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