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Cassidy Freeman is no longer Superman's one-time enemy-turned-ally nor is she a centuries-old vampire anymore. She's left those sci-fi/fantasy roles behind to play the no-nonsense daughter of the dedicated and unflappable sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming, Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor).

In the new A&E series Longmire, Freeman's Cady had dreams of the big city, but after the death of her mother, she took it upon herself to help her father Walt get back on his feet, much to his chagrin and to her own frustrations. Little does her father know that she's been keeping secrets, the least of which is that she's dating someone already very familiar to him. To get the scoop on Longmire's father-daughter relationship, turned to Freeman, who also discusses her transition from sci-fi to Western and more:

After doing shows like Smallville and The Vampire Diaries, what made you want to slow down and do a Western?
Cassidy Freeman: Exactly that. Exactly that it was something that I hadn't done. I wanted to do a cable show and see what that was like. I just felt like there was a lot of freedom in this show to be able to do something different. It's such a great group of people to work with too that it's pretty hard to pass that up.

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Because you and Katee Sackhoff have similar sci-fi backgrounds, have you guys discussed now doing the polar opposite of before?
Yeah. We chuckle about it. We'll talk about conventions together. We have this knowledge that maybe other people on the show don't have. Like, I'm going to Superman Celebration this weekend. She went to a sci-fi one in Canada like three or four weeks ago. She'll be like, "Oh my God, I'm so exhausted." I'll be like, "Why?" She's like, "Convention." I'm like, "I get you." You're sitting there giving so much of yourself. So, we have that commonality. But I think we both were excited to try something new and different. We're the two on set tweeting all the time, and Lou Diamond Phillips is kind of an obsessive Tweeter, but we're proud of him for it.

What kind of relationship does Cady have with her father?
She has a no-bulls--- relationship with her father. She loves her dad, she's frustrated with her dad. She can't leave her dad, but she wants to leave her dad. It's like a dependent/independent relationship. They are all the other has right now because her mom passed away. She feels the need to take care of him and to make sure that he's okay. But I'm not sure that anyone could ever be okay after something like that. It's a really beautiful love, but also frustration in the relationship. She wants to grieve and move on. He's not willing to do that. He's straight-arming it and making her stick around.

There will be new discoveries about her mother's death. What can you tell us about how Cady will deal with that?
I think they're saving that for the end of the season. I have these assumptions. She would never imagine that her dad would lie to her about anything. But the longer you get through this season, the more realize that maybe both Cady and Walt are keeping secrets from each other, which is difficult and even more painful than you would think.

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How does Cady feel about Walt diving head-first into the election for Sheriff?
She's frustrated with him because he's being really wishy-washy. She had planned her life and her thoughts around the fact that he would retire and stop getting himself into trouble and stop putting himself in harm's way. That's not the case. So, she's a little snarky about it. She makes fun of him for doing it, but I think her real reason for not wanting him to do it is because she worries about him. Of course she's going to help him.

What can you tell us about the possibility of a love interest on Longmire?
I don't know if you'd call it dating, [but] she definitely has a romantic relationship. She obviously wants to keep it a secret, but she's also a pretty private person. So, that's not surprising. She just doesn't want to be scrutinized or be judged. You'll find out on Sunday. You don't have to wait that long.

Longmire airs Sundays at 10/9c on A&E.